How to get rid of dandelions

How to get rid of dandelions

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Dandelion! Wait for it!

Many admire the vibrant dandelion flowers in the spring. But probably.

For example, you can remove a dandelion from a bush or flower center in early spring, as soon as the ground has thawed, but has not yet had time to dry. At this time, the plant protrudes from the ground, and the root is visible.

You need to grab the dandelion by the part of the root under the leaves with your hand or with a special hoe, pick it up under the leaves and pull it out. At this time, the plant will easily be removed from the ground. If the earth has dried up and the dandelion is not pulled out, then you need to shed the soil well under the dandelion, and then you can try to unscrew it. You can also remove other taproot plants in this way.

Olga Rubtsova, PhD in Geography

How to deal with dandelions: a mechanical way to get rid of weeds on your lawn

You can get rid of dandelions on your lawn by mechanically destroying each of the plants. To do this, it is not enough just to pull the weed out of the ground: the dandelion has a very long - 20-25 cm - and at the same time a fragile root, and if even a small part of it remains in the ground, then the amazing ability of the dandelion to regenerate will very soon turn the remnants of the root into a full-fledged adult plant. Thus, each specimen of dandelion on your lawn must first be well dug, and only then removed from the ground. The bald spots remaining in the lawn after this should be sown with the seeds of the lawn grass you usually use.

How to get rid of dandelions in your garden

Stock up on patience, a tool and you can start fighting a malicious weed.

  • With coughing lawn mower, trimmer or simple mowing machine. You need to mow dandelions before they bloom. Even if cut, flowers continue to “live” anyway. Their seeds are later spread around the site anyway. In addition, mowing flowering weeds does not guarantee that the plant will not grow back.

  • Digging up the weeds together with the root. This is a more laborious process, especially when the site is large, but the safest and easiest way. Usually, use a regular shovel or a special dandelion picker. It can be purchased at specialized garden stores.

Or use a DIY fixture like this video.

  • Pets such as rabbits, piglets and chickens are very fond of dandelions. Let them out on a weedy plantation and they'll save you the extra work pretty quickly.
  • Mulching Is a fairly effective way to get rid of not only dandelions, but in general from all weeds. For this purpose, covering material, cardboard, dark film are used, they cover the aisles. In the dark, plants without sunlight do not photosynthesize plants, they do not have the ability to grow, therefore they quickly die.

Dandelion weed

All gardeners know what weeds are. They periodically litter land, interfere with the normal growth of crops and require constant control of them. Dandelions are also such weeds, the seeds of which are quickly carried by the wind, after which they grow rapidly.

Getting rid of them is quite difficult, since their powerful roots penetrate deep into the soil. And if, after weeding, a small piece of root remains in the ground, then very soon a new dandelion weed will sprout.

How to get rid of dandelions? What dandelion herbicides can be used and what is the best dandelion herbicide?

Dandelion is very tricky, just one flower is enough for it to spread throughout the land. Its seeds scatter over long distances and germinate on any piece of land. And it is very difficult to bring out a dandelion. All because of its powerful roots, which grow and can reach up to 30 cm, but in turn they are flimsy, which makes it difficult to completely extract them from the soil. From what remains, a new dandelion grows with ease.

In the fight against dandelions, all means are good, so chemicals are used, and to be precise, herbicides. However, they also kill cultivated plants, but we do not despair, there are drugs of selective action. You can use regular vinegar as a herbicide to control dandelion. The more effective weed control will be, the higher the concentration of acetic acid. The percentage of acidity in table vinegar can be increased by evaporation.

It is necessary to use chemicals in the fall - at this time the dandelion is preparing for wintering and all the nutrients from the upper part are transferred to the root. When poisoned, herbicides enter the root of the plant.

Another effective method for dealing with dandelion is salt. If the flower is salted with salt, then after a while a dark spot will form on this place, but you need to act pointwise because salt also kills crops.

Also, systematic mowing helps in the fight against dandelion. Mow this plant regularly (after a week) at the root and gradually it will lose strength for the constant build-up of greenery and soon its roots will die.

Another effective way is with boiling water. Boil the kettle and water methodically, trying to get to the center of the plant.

If there is absolutely no strength to fight the plant, specialized herbicides such as "Lontrel", "Tornado" and "Roundup" will come to the rescue. With their help, defeating a dandelion is as easy as shelling pears, you just have to follow the instructions clearly.

Each of the products is applied pointwise to the middle of the plant with a brush. The next day, the plants will leave dark spots of burned weeds. They should be dug up.

With this method of struggle, in order not to harm the rest of the plants on the site, it is necessary to follow the following rules:

- do not mow the grass for 7 days after processing the land with chemicals

- apply the product pointwise, do not spray and work with gloves

- within 2 days after treatment, do not water or clean the area with a rake, so as not to spread the product around the entire perimeter. Try not to let pets on this piece of land.

How to get rid of dandelions

Owners of country houses in the spring and summer months dream of a beautiful landscaped courtyard with a lush, green and dense lawn. Unfortunately, there is always something that can spoil your aesthetics: weeds, or rather, dandelions.

While these pests are very popular with children, and they happily blow off the cap of their white parachutes and make a wish, for adults, their constant presence causes nothing but irritation.

Here's how to rid your yard of dandelions once and for all to achieve the landscape you deserve this season.

Physical removal of dandelions with a lawn mower

1 . Mow dandelions as they appear. As long as you cut the yellow flowers before they ripen into white seeds, you can stop weeds from spreading and get rid of the dandelions on your lawn. Install the lower deck of the lawnmower so that it does not cut the grass below 5-6 centimeters.

It is easier to get rid of dandelions on your lawn when the longer grass blocks out the sunlight that the dandelions need to grow. Please note that simply mowing the top of the flower will not permanently destroy the original plant.

Garden tools will help get rid of dandelions

2. VykoEat root dandelions. Removing it from the root will help to get rid of dandelions on the site forever. A special "dandelion removal" tool, which you can purchase from gardening and hardware stores, will help remove it from your lawn to accomplish this task.

The tool looks like a fork, while other options for dandelion removal tools look like a hybrid between a screwdriver and a fishtail. In both cases, you simply dig in the ground around the base of the flower and use the lever to turn the flower out of the ground along with the root.

Darkness can help get rid of dandelions

3. Block the sun from the weeds... Dandelions need a lot of sunlight to live a full life. You can cover them with cardboard or black plastic bags to block out sunlight and the flowers should die within a few days. This is the easiest folk way to get rid of dandelions.

Soil composition helps to get rid of dandelions

4. Improve the composition of the soil. Add nutrient-rich compost and mulch to the soil to improve soil quality. Dandelions thrive in acidic soils and tend to become weak in rich soils. Getting rid of weak dandelions is much easier. It is enough to simply pull them up by the stem and they will not be inclined to hold onto themselves by the root system.

Get rid of dandelions with pets

5. Raise an army of chickens or rabbits to fight the dandelion... Both creatures love the taste of dandelions and will gnaw on these nasty weeds as soon as they emerge from the ground. Dandelions are also healthy and nutritious animal feed.

Burner as a radical method to get rid of dandelions

6.Use a weed burner burner... Hand torches literally burn the weeds. Downtime and an effective way to get rid of dandelions. Observe fire safety regulations and keep children away from fire.

The popular way to get rid of dandelions with boiling water

7. Pour boiling water over the dandelions... If you consistently water each dandelion with boiling water several times a day, the plants should begin to wilt. Complete wilting and oblivion occurs within three days.

Vinegar is an effective method to get rid of dandelions

8. Spray vinegar over the dandelion.... Plain white vinegar can help get rid of dandelions on your lawn. Concentrated vinegar is more effective in fighting weeds. You can boil off regular vinegar to increase its concentration to create an even more potent weed killer.

For convenience, place the vinegar in a spray bottle and rinse the pesky weed from head to base. For even more effective results, remove the dandelion from the root system and spray vinegar into the hole to kill any remaining roots.

Corn gluten prevents dandelion growth

9. Spread corn gluten on the lawn in front of dandelions. Corn gluten (organic herbicide) is a precursor to the herbicide, so it prevents the seedlings from ever taking root. Spread gluten free on your lawn four to six weeks before the weeds usually germinate.

Corn gluten is an effective weed control agent and is great at killing dandelion. Since the effect lasts only five to six weeks, you must reapply the herbicide several times during the growing season.

Table salt can get rid of dandelions

10. Dandelion salt. A heap or 1 tablespoon (14.3 grams) of salt poured into the base of the dandelion where it begins to sprout effectively gets rid of the dandelions on the front lawn. Avoid getting salt on other plants, as salt has long been known to kill all healthy greens.

Get Rid of Dandelions Using Hydrochloric Acid

11. Use hydrochloric acid... Purchase a mild hydrochloric acid solution from a hardware store. (This is inexpensive, about 350 rubles for 5 liters - this will be enough for you for ages).

Put on latex gloves. Use a regular kitchen syringe to spot the dandelions with hydrochloric acid. Avoid breathing vapor. Dandelions turn brown within minutes and remain dead forever.

Get Rid of Dandelions Using Chemicals

12. Try a chemical herbicide. There are many herbicides that can completely get rid of dandelions. A systemic weed killer, should be applied directly to the weeds you want to get rid of.

Do not apply these products all over your lawn. Herbicide products kill all vegetation, so apply the herbicide directly to the dandelion leaves. After the greens have died, the chemical seeps into the plant and kills the roots.

Now you have learned how to get rid of dandelions on the lawn forever and it will be easier to deal with the obsessive weed. All that remains is to organize the outdoor kitchen and enjoy the warm days to the fullest. We offer you to watch a video review of how best to organize the fight against dandelion on the lawn using a simple tool:

How to get rid of dandelions before they turn into fluffy umbrellas and scattered around the site

In May, any glades, lawns and other sunny places are simply "lit up" from the abundance of flower suns - dandelions are in full bloom. Unfortunately, this is not only beautiful, but also quite dangerous for suburban areas - bright flowers literally in a season can turn into a real disaster, aggressively spreading and interfering with the survival of all surrounding cultures.

In order to have time to eradicate the malicious weed, before it scattered as seeds on white parachutes for hundreds of meters around, it is time to urgently take action. What kind? There are several ways.

1. Traditional methods are effective, most of them are safe

Suitable if there are not so many flowers on the site yet, because you will have to "work" with each of them. Ordinary salt "kills" greens very well. Dandelions can be cut and sprinkled with salt. Regular watering of dandelions under the root with boiling water, a weak solution of vinegar, or undiluted rubbing alcohol also helps. Some people also use hydrochloric acid, but I did not risk it. These procedures must be carried out until the weeds die. Yes, the fight will take time and effort, but the dandelions will die and not scatter. The main thing is not to harm the surrounding cultivated plants with such means, therefore I use salt and vinegar either on empty beds, or on paths and places not planted with edible plants.

2. Mechanical removal - will it help?

Just a one-time mowing will not work - even mown flower stalks can ripen and seed, being thrown over a fence or into a compost heap. If you decide to mow, you will have to do it at least once a week. Moreover, mow low, at ground level, and destroy the mowed parts. I do not recommend throwing them into the compost: even when mown, they can seed and germinate. A reliable weed control option is to root out the plant. Fortunately, the market is now full of various specialized devices that help to do this (root removers, shovels with a narrow blade, flat cutters). Such a tool is quite inexpensive, but it will come in handy in the garden. The only problem that can arise is to uproot or twist plants from the ground one at a time, when there are many flowers, and the area is large, problematic and tedious. Although, on the other hand, it is better to try once now than to suffer later, struggling with an even stronger spread of dandelions.

3. Chemical means of struggle - the most effective, but not useful. What tools will help?

Herbicides are the most effective remedies for dandelions, but chemicals should be used very carefully, strictly according to instructions and in compliance with safety measures. The herbicides are applied before the plant has bloomed and its flying seeds are ripe.Dandelions need remedies against rhizome weeds (Metafen, Sniper, Killex, Lintur, etc.).

4. Is it possible to somehow "protect" from them?

Mulch ridges and paths, weed cultivated crops, dig deep into the soil in autumn, sow bare areas with lawn grass. Such measures, provided they are regularly applied, can also, if not eradicate, then significantly reduce the number of dandelions on the site from year to year.

Watch the video: Fastest way to get rid of dandelions!!