Tiny bugs in my indoor plant soil

Tiny bugs in my indoor plant soil

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Tiny bugs in my indoor plant soil is not a problem. I take great care of my plants, I wash them frequently. However, for my little ones, the problem is the ants. It just started a couple of months ago, I was using some of my favorite plants, the ants just started invading them, even though I make sure to wash them as much as I can, and I place the plant on the floor. Any ideas how to stop this?

It sounds like a possible spider mite infestation. Check out how to get rid of spider mites by following the DIY remedies, and if you can't find a remedy there, post back here and someone may be able to help you find one.

How did you know they were ants?

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We don't really know what you've done to keep the mites from your plants, but I've heard of several ways of dealing with them including washing them in a chlorine bleach solution, wiping them down with the hose, or spraying them with the hose.

That being said, you could potentially prevent mites in the future by keeping your plants moist with daily misting. If your plants need to be watered that often, maybe it's time to switch to larger pots. The more time the soil spends drying out and getting hot, the more likely it is to become infested with mites.

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When my little ones started appearing a couple of months ago, I used a soap solution to wash them off the leaves, and it worked. I would also spray them with water sometimes. The soap solution didn't harm the plants, but I haven't tried washing them with water lately. In the past, when I did notice ants in my

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